MechWarrior Online update adds new canyon map and sniper mech

MechWarrior Online has been releasing new content and updates like clockwork over the past several weeks, which is great for a game still in the beta stage. Now a new canyon map has been released along with a new sniper-style mech of the month.

The Canyon Network map features sniper perches and tons of places to hide and ambush. It seems ridiculous to think about a multi-ton mech sneaking around with a sniper cannon, but just go with it. The canyon map features “vast arrays of slot canyons, small steep valleys and high plateaus,” according to the press release.

The new mech of the month, meanwhile, is the Blackjack , a 45-ton medium scrapper with jump jets and the capability for sniping and close-in damage. It is built for taking the high ground and raining down fire, so use it wisely in the altitude-shifting canyon environment.

Also returning in this update is the Champion Jenner , a new version of the popular speedy mech, and faction logo medallions to hang from the cockpit, presumably dangling on the rear view mirror.