MechWarrior Online's newest patch brings a world of Misery

Not the sobbing-at-a-funeral kind of misery, mind you. We're talking about Misery , an 85-ton Stalker battlemech that will hopefully leave your foes fully acquainted with the emotion in your wake. The mech comes with MWO's newest patch, which, among various other goodies and fixes, also comes with a new skin with skulls all over it, keeping with the theme nicely.

As revealed in the video below, Misery's a slow-and-steady sort of bruiser, with a top speed of 48.6 kilometers per hour. She also comes outfitted with four medium lasers, one large laser, a Gauss rifle, and an SRM-6, just in case merely flattening you isn't enough to do the job. The update also makes four new trial mechs available, as well as the option to customize the color of all hero mechs.

As for that skull pattern? It's called the Buccaneer Premium, and the inspiration for its apparent art direction is too good not to share: "Some crazy, bearded, malnourished man with missing teeth going to work with a paint roller in the 'Mech hanger while indulging in questionable substances." Well, as long as they're not letting him pilot the mech...

The patch is already live on the free-to-play shooter's servers, so if you haven't given MWO a go in some time, now might be the time to see if Misery is your thing. The patch also addresses issues players were having with disconnections and client crashes—full details can be found over at the MechWarrior Online forums .