Maximus Action Carnage: a run-and-gun arcade game set in Dubya Dubya Two

Cavenaut developer Bruno R. Marcos has released his latest game, the World War II shoot-'em-up Maximus Action Carnage , which manages to live up to that amazing name. It's a vertically scrolling run-and-shmup where you play as the titular Maximus Malone, one man fighting against the weight of the entire Japanese army. It's free, it's tough and it's completely action-packed - go get it .

Maximus Action Carnage - I just like saying the name - appears to have been built using Bruno's hugely promising Arcade Game Studio , a game creation program focusing on specific genres, including run-and-gun, shmups and platform games. The program's not yet available for public consumption, but it's worth keeping an eye on, if (like me) even the supposedly simplest game makers make you want to tear your hair out in frustration.

Here's a video of Maximus Action Carnage - MAXIMUS ACTION CARNAGE - in maximum action:

Tom Sykes

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