Masked EDM villain Marshmello is putting on a live show in Fortnite

The man that wears a marshmallow mask and composes electronic dance music on a computer known as Marshmello is scheduled to perform at Pleasant Park on Fortnite's battle royale island. 

Marshmello's tour schedule now shows a stop at Pleasant Park at an unnamed location in the United States. This is interesting for two reasons: one, Fortnite is now canonically set in the United States. Sorry, Epic, but that's how it goes. Two, because Pleasant Park is a fictional, virtual location where a physical man wearing a marshmallow mask cannot exist. The streams, they're crossing.

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But if you head to Pleasant Park now in Fortnite, you'll find a stage partially constructed for the show on Saturday. 

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Mr. Melo is a known Fortnite personality. In the early days of Fortnite approximately 100 years ago (almost one year, actually), it was Ninja and Marshmello who won the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am at E3. They'll still play and stream together regularly. Perhaps Marshmello got too close to the game and some Black Mirror stuff happened and that's where he lives now. Or it's just a cute, cool, collaborative experiment between Epic and the dessert man. 

Either way, now you know where to be (or not to be) this Saturday. And no, I don't know if they're checking for alcohol at the door. 

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