How to unlock Morbius in Marvel's Midnight Suns

from left to right: Blade, Spider-Man and Dr. Morbius
(Image credit: Firaxis/ WB)

The latest Midnight Suns DLC added Morbius to the roster at last. Deadpool joined the chat back in January and like him, you'll need to complete specific missions if you want to unlock Morbius. He's a worthy addition to the mix due to his damage output and Bleed capabilities, making him particularly useful in boss fights.

With all that in mind, here's what you need to do to get Morbius on your team. 

How to unlock Morbius 

Much like Deadpool, you must recruit Spider-Man first, then convince him to reveal to the group that he is Peter Parker. The specific mission you'll want to complete is called Spidermaaaans, and once that's done, you'll unlock a new assignment from the Mirror Table called Weird Science

This mission sees Spidey and Blade team up to rescue Morbius and retrieve his stolen serum. You'll be fighting vampyres again, as well as turned Hydra soldiers. The soldiers are pretty easy to defeat but the vampyres can inflict Bleed upon several cards, as well as deal a fair amount of damage. Remember to use the environment to take out groups of enemies where you can. The fight has two stages, with you protecting machinery in the last stage, and once all the enemies are defeated Morbius will join you at The Abbey.

Morbius comes with the Bloodlust ability, which lets you add Bleed to your attacks as well as give him a hefty chunk of armour. If you haven't already, gather lots of Essence so you can get to upgrading his cards right away. He has a few more quests you can complete and can present him with gifts, too, to increase his friendship and make him a powerhouse of an ally.  

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