How to unlock Deadpool in Marvel's Midnight Suns

Deadpool giving thumbs up
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The first of Marvel's Midnight Suns' DLC has dropped and Deadpool is now available to join your band of misfits. Alongside a new friend to hang out with, you'll get three new missions after you recruit him, and special vampyre missions will be available once the DLC is complete. As is standard with Deadpool, the jokes are absolutely dire, but he does have some cool cosmetics and research options available. With that in mind, let's look at how to unlock him. 

How to unlock Deadpool 

Before Deadpool can join in on the fun, there's a special mission you'll need to complete. Before that, though, you'll need to have recruited Spider-Man and persuaded him to reveal his "secret" identity. Afterward, you'll be able to access a quest called A Man of Culture from the Mirror Table that will send you on a solo mission to recruit him.

During this mission, you'll encounter a new enemy type—vampyres. These bad boys can inflict Bleed onto your cards, so be sure to create the Move to Cure upgrade after this mission to counter it in the future—you can do so after you upgrade the Yard with training dummies. After the first mission is complete—a bog standard "defeat all enemies" type—you can have a friendly chat with Deadpool, including asking him why he mentioned he's DLC as you exited the mission. It's about as funny as you'd expect.

Once unlocked, you can give Deadpool gifts and take him to a hangout spot.

How to defeat vampyres 

The next Deadpool story missions involve a lot more vampyres and Red Skull's granddaughter, Sin. As I said earlier, remember to create the Move to Cure upgrade to rid yourself of bleeding, as the second mission is way more difficult than the first. You'll want to prioritise egg sacs to stop them from spawning more enemies, as well as wiping out feeding frenzy vampyres as quickly as you can. 

If some of your cards get Bleed, use the character with the most Bleed-affected cards then cure them at the end of the turn if possible. Using the cards tick down the Bleed timer, so use the environment to your advantage and get throwing rocks. In the final mission against Sin, you'll need to defeat her twice, but as she has no special attacks or abilities, it's just about wearing her down and damaging the artifact.

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