Manual Samuel is a slapstick “dexterity adventure”, out next month

Billed as a “dexterity adventure”, Manual Samuel is the work of Norwegian studio Perfectly Paranormal and is a lighthearted take on the survival genre. If you spotted it at the PC Gamer Weekender earlier this year, you’ll already know it’s a game that explores the life of privileged protagonist Samuel in the aftermath of being knocked down by a septic tank truck. He then must operate his body manually—via your explicit direction—in slapstick scenarios that echo the likes of Surgeon Simulator and Octodad. Manual Samuel now has a release date too: October 14. 

“Samuel’s manual affliction paves the way for some truly hysterical moments,” says creator Ozan Drøsdal. “From taking a leak to driving a car, the game makes a marvel of the mundane. And as the game progresses, Samuel’s adventures become even more surreal, making this one of the most spectacularly silly games in a long, long time.” 

Best played with a gamepad, Samuel’s movements are assigned by the left and right sticks, however actions such blinking and breathing also need to be taken into consideration. Here’s some of that in practice: 

I’ve as yet not had the chance to try it, however I do like the fact that Manuel Samuel doesn’t take itself too seriously, and its cartoon aesthetic looks lovely. 

Manuel Samuel is due October 14 via Steam.