Take full control of Manual Samuel at the PC Gamer Weekender

Manual Samuel_screenshot_livingroom

Survival games abstract what survival actually entails because to make the player control the entire business of living would be unthinkable: empty your bladder, remember to breathe, and so on. Committed to immersion, however, Perfectly ParaNormal is bringing Manual Samuel down to the PC Gamer Weekender, and boy does he need some babysitting.

Manual Samuel is a physics-based comedy similar to QWOP or Surgeon Simulator but rather more deep. Samuel gets mown down by a bus and is challenged by Death to live 24 hours on full manual control. Your full manual control. So, empty your bladder, remember to breathe, blink and force your limbs to carry you through an adventure along the lines of The Secret of Monkey Island. You've got a long day ahead of you.

Manual Samuel is coming out this summer, which is a darn sight further away than where he'll be playable for the first time, this weekend, March 5-6, at London's Old Truman Brewery. That's where the PCG team will be hanging out, on a show floor with the best in playable pre-release games, the finest hardware expertise and talks on everything from Divinity: Original Sin 2 to Stellaris.

Book your tickets now and save yourself a chunk off the door price with the code PCG20.