Manipulate the politics of a country in FMV game Not For Broadcast

In Not For Broadcast, you are given the power of controlling a national TV station at the time of a highly public political scandal. You only came to the studio to clean up, but now you've been thrust into the role of production director for the National Nightly News Team — that's quite a big promotion.

Faced with a giant console of screens, buttons, and tuners, you'll need to choose the camera angles in interviews, censor any swears the slip out, roll the right adverts, and keep viewership high. The broadcast is live and that means you'll need to make quick decisions and keep calm. 

The power of television is a great one and with the power in your hands Not For Broadcast asks you to choose what is and isn't news for the general public and shape the outcome of events. 

You could stick to the script and do your job or accidentally leave the rolling camera on live broadcast so the country knows what a politician is really like. It's not exactly clear what direction Not For Broadcasts will take, but expect it to throw some political high jinx your way.

Not For Broadcast will be out in Early Access January 30th with three out of the ten chapters. If you wanted to try your hand at directing sooner then make sure you try out the free demo over on Steam. 

Rachel Watts

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