Management sim Project Hospital launches with new video

Oxymoron Games has released a new launch trailer for its management sim Project Hospital, which is available now.

The minute-long video provides a brief but informative overview of the game, showing off rooms being laid-out and hospital equipment added, as well as mechanics for staff management and patient diagnosis.

Project Hospital appears to be a much more straight-laced hospital management sim than the recently released Two Point Hospital, which was a goofy parody of hospital life in the Bullfrog mould. In Project Hospital, you won’t be dealing with cases of Mock Stardom or Light-headedness, but curing realistic injuries and diseases with simulated hospital equipment and authentic medical process.

It also appears to be a far more detailed game than Two Point’s (still impressive) simulation. For example, you can diagnose and treat individual patients, taking note of symptoms and using various examination methods to narrow down the potential ailments into a specific diagnosis. The hospitals you can build also look stunningly detailed too, although I’m not sold on the tweened animations visible on most of the characters.

Project Hospital can be picked up on Steam for £22.49. However the reviews turn out, I think we can say for certain that it will be sick.