Fortnite: Where to find a malfunctioning vending machine

malfunctioning vending machine
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For one of the week 6 season quests in Fortnite Chapter 3, you need to purchase a random item from a malfunctioning vending machine.

Vending machines are pretty common these days in Fortnite. You'll find them all over different POIs, and even some smaller locations. They provide an easy way to get higher-tier loot, provided you've got the gold bars to pay for it.

A malfunctioning vending machine is a different story. These are machines with red lights rather than the normal blue, and usually spit out a pittance of building materials you could have just gotten for free.

The problem with malfunctioning vending machines is they spawn semi-randomly, taking the place of a perfectly good one. Regardless, you need to waste some gold bars interacting with one of these broken hunks of junk.

Here's how to find a malfunctioning vending machine in Fortnite.

Malfunctioning vending machine locations

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The two main areas you're going to check are Coney Crossroads and Sleepy Sound. Each location has three vending machines you can check. You'll be able to find these vending machines by looking at your minimap for the vending machine symbol. It's basically a small white rectangle. Once you're close enough to a vending machine, you'll see an interact symbol pop up, even through walls, just like NPCs.

Here's what you're looking for.

malfunctioning vending machine

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Here's what you're not looking for.

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Because malfunctioning vending machines spawn randomly, you'll need to start at Coney Crossroads (probably near the gas station machine) and check the first three spots there. Then, if you're out of luck, drive over to Sleepy Sound and check the three machines there. It might take two or more attempts, but one should eventually spawn.

All you need then is 10 gold bars to purchase a hunk of junk from the malfunctioning vending machine. Once you've done that, you'll be notified you've completed the challenge and earned your bonus XP.

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