Mafia 3 trailers introduce the Marcanos and frontman Lincoln

Mafia 3 continues its character spotlight video series with a surprisingly detailed look at star of  show Lincoln Clay, and the underhanded Marcano crime family he’ll go up against on October 7. 

First up, the Marcano short tells us the outfit took hold of New Bordeaux by way of force, killing everyone and anyone that stood in their way, and by betraying those who were close to them. Lovely bunch, clearly. 

They “took over the city with fear”, which translates to tying folk to chairs, roughing them up, and dousing dive bars in petrol before setting them alight—all of which, if gangster movies have taught me nothing else, I understand to be standard mob fare.

Lincoln’s trailer, although less than a minute long, uncovers a fair whack of information on the war veteran-cum-mafia adversary. He’s an orphan, we learn, raised on the streets. He’s an outlaw, we’re told, back from Vietnam. His family were betrayed by the mafia, which is why he’s out for revenge. His new family comprises the likes of Haitian Syndicate leader Cassandra and Irish Syndicate head honcho Thomas Burke, who he’ll band together with in waging war against the Marcanos. 

He’ll also rock a cool military-style khaki jacket and tie bandages around his knuckles for extra coolness. Over to you, Mr Clay:

Mafia 3 is due October 7. Here’s another look at The Heist trailer which made its way out of Gamescom this week.