Maddest PC rigs ever? Your best entries for our Vulcan's Craftsman Challenge

we set you the challenge


"By adding Vulcan to our roster, we wanted to highlight his skill as a craftsman in his design," says Smite Lead Designer Travis Brown. "By assembling Thumper XVI turrets and Inferno Cannon's to do his dirty work, he brings a new and unique playstyle to Smite. In balancing the durability of his structures versus the damage potential of them, we decided to allow the player to tweak themselves how much of a tank versus damage role that they would like to play. The more protections and health items that players buy, the more durable the structures. Very similar to this contest where PC Gamer fans are customizing their PCs, Vulcan can customize the durability of his structures through gameplay!"

Thanks, Travis. Well, the competition has now closed and the PC Gamer team has picked one ultimate winner, and four worthy runners up. Massive thanks to everyone who entered - we had hundreds of entries, we looked at every single one, and deciding the winners was a Herculean task. The ultimate - frankly astonishing - winner is on the last page. Each PC owner who has their rig featured in this story wins an Ultimate God Pack for Smite, which includes all 29 deities, and the overall winner gets the keyboard and mouse. We, er, hope he left space in his custom case to plug them in. Click through - you'll see what we mean...