Low Light Combat: a multiplayer stealth FPS from the creator of Overgrowth

Low Light Combat

The five-man team at Wolfire Games isn't just known for update videos of a game where rabbits and wolves punch and slice each other . The indie studio participated in the recently wrapped Mojam charity gamesmithing competition, and as part of a randomized theme involving "endless nuclear war," Wolfire debuted Low Light Combat, a multiplayer FPS of shadow and snow.

Wolfire's early gameplay video, seen above and narrated by the most relaxing developer I've heard, shows Low Light's take on its assigned theme using "nuclear-powered ninjas fighting proxy battles to decide world issues for the Illuminati." Yes, that'll do nicely.

Each ninja's nuclear battery lasts only 60 seconds, a lifespan extendable via snuffing out other ninjas or recharging at an exposed battery in the middle of the snowy map. You're armed with a "nuclear beam shotgun" and an energy sword, and a single hit delivers the kill—but you'll need accuracy, as each swing or shot expends battery juice.

Firing, sprinting, or flailing about discharges energy in colorful bursts, so you'll need to lurk in the pools of shadow filling the map to get the drop on your fellow sneaksters. A close-quarters flashlight and a long-range laser serve to spotlight murky areas, but as before, you run the risk of exhausting your battery. I guess the Illuminati melted down all Energizers on its path to world domination.

Mojam donors or Overgrowth pre-purchasers get an early version of Low Light Combat free to tinker with, but everyone else can jump in as well via a $5 contribution on Wolfire's website .

Omri Petitte

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