Mojam comes to an end - get nine new games from Mojang and friends

Mojang's Mojam, the charity game making competition, has come to an end. Teams had three days to make a game themed around a choice of words from a list including Nuclear, French, Endless, War, Kittens, Spaceship and Pizza. As a result, a game called Nuclear Pizza War now exists. Still, at least we've avoided Endless Kitten Pizza. That would just be bleak.

You now have until March 2nd to get the games from the Mojam Humble Bundle page . Proceeds go entirely to charity, with both Block by Block and the EFF on the receiving end of donations.

Here's what the Mojam bundle gets you:

  • Nuclear Pizza War by Mojang's Henrik, Johan and Jens
  • Endless Nuclear Kittens by Mojang's Mattis, Erik and Mans
  • Battle Frogs by Mojang's Poi Poi, Nathan and Kris
  • Nuke the Dinosaurs Blueprint (Prototype) by Mojang's Junkboy, Aron, Jon and Surasshu Sound's Steven
  • TEKTONIC by Grapefrukt
  • Space Hunk by Ludosity
  • 3918 by Oxeye
  • Wasteland Kings by Vlambeer
  • Low-light by Wolfire

More screenshots below.

Phil Savage

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