Where to destroy gnomes in Fortnite's Camp Cod and Fort Crumpet areas

location domination fortnite camp cod
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The Fortnite Location Domination challenges are here, and as you can imagine, they've got you running around the whole map meeting a number of objectives.

This week's toughest mission is arguably the "destroy gnomes at Camp Cod or Fort Crumpet" objective. The problem is, these little guys can be hard to find if you don't already know where to look. 

It's worth noting, this week's challenges are formatted a little different. To truly finish the challenge, you'll need to complete three separate stages. For the hidden gnomes mission, this means destroying three, then seven, then 15 gnomes total. Here's where to find them all in the Fortnite Camp Cod and Fort Crumpet areas.

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Fortnite Fort Crumpet gnome locations

  • 1: You'll find one gnome at the top level of the central tower in Fort Crumpet, perched on a ledge.
  • 2: On the ground level of the same central building as gnome 1.
  • 3: On the walkway one floor above the ground on the side of the fort facing the ocean.
  • 4: In the central tower again, tucked away in a corner on the mid level near a window.
  • 5: In the gift shop area near the entrance.
  • 6: South side of the central tower, underneath a staircase on the ground level.
  • 7: By a cannon on the north side of the fort, looking like he's about to fire it.

Fortnite Cape Cod gnome locations

  • 1: At the gate just before entering town.
  • 2: All the way at the back side of town, nestled between the solar panels close to the large house.
  • 3: Only a few yards from gnome 2, the next one is sitting by the couch overlooking the coast.
  • 4: Further east, you'll find it by a small fireplace and some trash just outside that weird factory/junkyard area with the water tower.
  • 5 and 6: Both are located by a yellow umbrella in the center of the area.
  • 7: Back closer to that junkyard/factory building, you'll find the last gnome nestled under a tree closer to the north end of that structure. Look for the small campsite.

As I've already mentioned, you get different amounts of XP for completing this task in stages. In stages three, seven, and 15 will net you 10k, 25k, and 55k of XP with which you can put towards progressing your battle pass and ensure you get all those lovely unlockable cosmetics.

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