Light up your gaming station with the Corsair K68 RGB, 33% off now

Corsair K68 deal

Looking to inject a bit more personality into your run-of-the-mill gaming keyboard? This deal on the Corsair K68 RGB is just what the doctor ordered. 

Amazon’s Corsair K68 RGB is just $79.99, which is down $40 from $119.99. At that price, it’s well worth taking for a spin, even if you’re typically more partial to Razer or Logitech products. 

The Corsair K68 RGB’s dynamic lighting effects will ensure you've got your own little light show going on at your desk every time you sit down to get into some serious gaming (or work).  Cherry MX switches give this sleek gaming keyboard the right amount of tactile clickiness, while the unit itself is dust- and spill-resistant to keep those impromptu snack break accidents in check. Knocked your coffee cup over onto the keys? No problem. 

Plus, a detachable wrist rest helps keep you in the game longer, giving your trusty old WASD hand a break every once in a while. That BFG you’re itching to try out is still going to be there when you come back, you know.

Corsair K68 RGB gaming keyboard is $79.99 at Amazon | save $40

Corsair K68 RGB gaming keyboard is $79.99 at Amazon | save $40
The Corsair K68 RGB is a sturdy mechanical keyboard with dynamic lighting that can stand up to the occasional spilled drink or snack. 

TechRadar called the K68 RGB a "good mechanical gaming keyboard made better with a water-resistant design that can survive the occasional mishap." It's an "excellent pick," with "killer lighting" and a "knack for self-preservation in the face of spilled drinks." 

Of course, a Corsair keyboard may not be what you're after. Check out some of the best gaming keyboards in 2019 for a look at some other great options to see what else is out there. 

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