Life is Strange: True Colors shows how empathy is a superpower in a new trailer

Life is Strange: True Colors is only a few weeks away, and the Future Games Show at Gamescom has given a further glimpse into protagonist Alex Chen's powers.

The latest instalment in the supernatural coming-of-age series centres around the power of empathy, with Alex being able to experience and manipulate other people's emotions. The trailer shows Alex talking to the owner of a flower shop, who's incredibly distressed. When Alex extracts the lady's anguish, she pokes around for clues as to why she feels this way. It unfolds that the flower shop owner appears to be suffering from dementia, becoming increasingly frightened at her loss of memory.  

I've been really interested to see just how a 'superpower' like empathy will work—time-reversal and telekinesis from the previous two games made a lot more sense. It's clear that Alex's powers will be imperative for her to connect with people and problem-solve. These severe emotions will no doubt prove to be the crux of getting over hurdles to figure out the mysterious circumstances behind her brother's death. 

Life is Strange: True Colors is set to release on September 10.

Mollie Taylor
Features Producer

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