Liberated is a super stylish tech-noir action game set inside an interactive comic book

Liberated was released for the Nintendo Switch in June to great acclaim, and now it's coming to PC. A new trailer shown at Guerrilla Collective highlights the stylish black-and-white art, panel-jumping narrative, and slick combat, which comes complete with comic book-style BANGS and POWS.

Back in March, Rachel interviewed developer Atomic Wolf's communication manager, Konrad Wałkuski, who talked about the thinking behind the game's unique graphic novel-inspired design.

(Image credit: Atomic Wolf)

"We wanted to create a simulation of reading a comic in the digital space," Wałkuski says. "And in terms of that, there is a lot of detail that actually comes into play. One is how your eyes would normally move across the comic book pages, like how you see it as a whole first, and then use zoom in on each panel, taking your time with each individual image and then creating context from the surrounding panels."

"There isn't a loading screen, there is no nothing forcing you to move forward, the reader sets the pace and we wanted to recreate that."

Liberated features a cyberpunk near-future setting, a dramatic story told from multiple perspectives, and side-scrolling action that incorporates gunfights, stealth, puzzles, and platforming. And this all takes place within the panels of a moving, living comic book.

It's coming to PC in July, and will be available on GOG, Steam, Humble, and NVIDIA GeForce NOW.

Andy Kelly

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