Lego Jurassic World release date announced

LEGO Jurassic World Screenshot 1

Dragons get all the attention. And sure, they're pretty handy in the fire-breathing stakes, but fall flat on their face when it comes to actually being real. Kudos to this Lego Jurassic World trailer, then, for being chock-full of dinosaurs. Albeit plastic ones. Albeit virtual plastic ones.

Kudos also for giving us the game's release date. Lego Jurassic World will come out on June 12—the same date as the film.

At this point you should pretty much know what to expect from a Lego game: it'll be a charming co-op platformer. This one will let you explore settings from the four Jurassic Park films, and also features over 20 playable dinosaurs. Which is badass.

Phil Savage

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