Lego Batman 3 trailer goes beyond Gotham and into deepest space

In case you missed it: Lego Batman 3 is totally a thing . Except it's less Lego Batman and more Lego DC Comics, what with it including Superman and Wonder Woman and The Flash and all their many pals and enemies. Adam West is also in the game, because wishes do come true after all. This latest trailer shows a decent chunk of action, including Supes being his traditionally smugly indestructible self. Keep an eye out for robots and even scrolling shoot-'em-up bits too.

You're probably thinking "Wait, how can Batman be in space? Doesn't he need to breathe?", but TT Games have you covered with a range of additional costumes for the game's many, many, many characters, including one for Batman full of delicious, life-preserving oxygen. The story sees Batters, Supes, Wonder Woman, Krypto the Superdog, Bat-Cow (?) and more teaming up to battle the evil Brainiac, stopping every so often to take potshots at Solomon Grundy, Killer Croc, the Joker - basically every super-villain who isn't affiliated with Marvel or an independent publisher. Adam West will appear in the guise of Classic Batman, otherwise known as The Best Batman, and he'll hopefully come equipped with a toolbelt of useful sprays.

Lego Batman 3 is out this Autumn.

Tom Sykes

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