Legends of Runeterra Expeditions preview begins tomorrow

(Image credit: Riot Games)

Starting tomorrow, you'll be able to get another peek at Legends of Runeterra, Riot's upcoming League of Legends-themed card game. The second 'preview patch' starts tomorrow and will run until Tuesday. 

The Expeditions mode will be in the spotlight during the preview. In Expeditions mode, you'll start a new deck from scratch and build it up as you discover new cards and progressively trickier enemies. Check out the overview video below. 

Instead of using cards from your collection, you'll make picks and trades as you progress through the mode, swapping out cards or grabbing new ones from a random trio of champions, units and spells that are grouped together based on their archetype. The cards will alternate between wild and synergy picks, so you'll get some truly random cards, but also ones that are based on your previous choices. 

After a match, you'll be able to upgrade your cards or swap old cards for something new, and you'll need six victories to get to the final fight. Losing two consecutive matches will end the Expedition, but the final fight only gives you a single chance. No matter how you do, you'll always receive a new champion, but the rewards increase with your victories. 

You'll be able to take on three a week by spending Shards, Coins or Expedition Tokens, but you can take another crack at them in Open Play once you're done. 

Along with Expeditions mode, the preview will give players lots of bonus wildcards to help them flesh out their decks, along with an Expedition Token and 8,000 Shards, which will allow you to play all three Expeditions during the preview. 

More than 40 cards are also being updated, including a new take on League of Legends' Lux. 

The Expeditions preview will be available for five days, starting at 4 pm GMT/8 am PST on November 14 and ending at the same time on November 19. Keep an eye out for the patch notes later this evening. 

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