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King Arthur's Gold enters beta, brings shark riding to Medieval war gaming

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2D war game King Arthur's Gold has entered its beta phase, boosting considerably its castle-building, ballista-slinging quotient. The multiplayer indie game by developer Transhuman Design looks to be filled out nicely with catapults, sword duels, and of course, bison taming.

We first got a look at KAG when it surfaced two years ago , but it's seen a steady stream of updates and fixes since then and notably since it officially entered beta a week ago. In comparison to the alpha phase, vehicles, animals, and vegetation were added in addition to an increase in customization and in-game items, according to a recent dev update (opens in new tab) .

The game should eventually support full mods and currently has four official servers up and running to service what looks like a healthy amount of multiplayer madness on display in KAG. You can buy a beta version (opens in new tab) of KAG for $10, which will also get you a copy on Steam when it arrives there, according to the developer.

Check out the beta trailer below. Thanks, Rock Paper Shotgun (opens in new tab) .