Killing Floor 2 is free to try this weekend

Killing Floor 2 Header

A few days ago we mentioned that there would be a Killing Floor 2 free trial to celebrate the Incinerate 'N Detonate update. The free weekend is go! Just head into Steam to download the client. it expires on Sunday

Killing Floor 2, which is still in Early Access, is discounted by 33% for the duration of the trial, as is traditional for these Steam free weekends. The free update adds a couple of new maps, new perks and a bunch of new weapons. You can find out more on the Killing Floor 2 site.

Tyler called Killing Floor 2 "a superb mutant bloodbath" in our Killing Floor 2 Early Access review. Tripwire has a talent for making guns feel amazing. Combine that with a complex gore system, hordes of ugly monsters and some friends and you're getting plenty of value from a free download.

If you want to look suave as possible during combat, you can enter to win one of 8000 PC Gamer skins for Killing Floor 2. The leather jacket/gas mask combo is so in right now.

Tom Senior

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