Killing Floor 2 gets even gorier with Incinerate 'n Detonate update

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Incinerate 'n Detonate, a major and largely self-explanatory update to the multiplayer zombie shooter Killing Floor 2, is now live on Steam. Developer Tripwire Interactive says the update adds "50 percent more content" than was included with the Early Access release, and while I can't confirm that all the new stuff works out to precisely that amount, there sure does seem to be a lot of it.

The update includes a pair of new Perks, Firebug and Demolitions—hence the title—each with new weapons and grenades, and two new maps, Evacuation Point and Catacombs. There are also new weapons up for grabs, and a couple of "crossover promotions" as well: Owners of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare will get Tom Banner, a playable knight who carries the Zweihander sword, while owners of Red Orchestra 2 can step into the jackboots of Anton Strasser, a German soldier who packs rather more modern (but not necessarily more effective) implements of dismemberment.

Other changes include the addition of Nvidia's PhysX Flex technology on GeForce 770 cards and above, which Tripwire said will enable "brand new cutting-edge gore technology," plus a "complete overhaul" of the Berserker skill tree, an After Action Report option with team awards, personal stats and map voting, new Zed hit zones, achievements, Steam Workshop functionality, and all sorts of various fixes and improvements.

For those who'd like to give it a try before laying down 30 hard-earned dollars, Tripwire also announced that Killing Floor 2 will be free on Steam from September 3-6, which if you don't happen to have a calendar lying around is this coming weekend. It will be on sale during that same period for 33 percent off its regular $30/£20 price.

Update: The post originally indicated that the Killing Floor 2 free weekend would end on September 7, but it actually wraps up on September 6. I've updated it to reflect the change.

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