Killing Floor 2's enemies are literally floating away

One of the things I like most about Killing Floor 2 is the way it mixes absurdity with graphic violence. This week's Weekly Outbreak—essentially a temporary mutator—goes all-in on gore and humor.

Earlier in the summer KF2 added a shrinking zeds, and now we continue to see Tripwire play with physics in "Up, Up and Decay," where shooting and slashing zeds will cause them to fill with air.

"As Zeds receive damage they inflate," Tripwire tells me via email. "After some time they start to deflate. Once they reach max inflate they turn into death balloons and rain down gibs. The idea is if you don't finish them off they go back to normal size and heal!"

Complete this challenge, and you'll earn the Hans Plushy Backpack item shown in the trailer above. This is one of several time-limited challenges running until August, as Tripwire creative director Bill Munk announced at the PC Gaming Show at E3. Here's the rest of the schedule:  

July 18 - Up, Up and Decay - Try to make ninety-nine Zed balloons.

Shooting Zeds in this outbreak will cause them to inflate like balloons, even to the point of floating away and popping!             

July 25 - Zed Time - All the Zed Time in the world.

Ever think that life is passing you by? Not in this outbreak! You'll be in Zed Time any time you're near a Zed.       

August 1 – Beefcake - Bigger they are, harder you fall.

In this outbreak, Zeds increase their health, size, and reach when they hit players or are affected by certain Zed abilities.              

August 8 – Boom - Zeds under pressure; may explode.

Maybe it was something they ate? Bad gas? Whatever it was, Zeds explode when killed in this outbreak.

Evan Lahti
Global Editor-in-Chief

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