Kentucky Route Zero continues string of weird videos, promises 'busy summer yet'

Make no mistake: I'm very fond of Kentucky Route Zero. So much, that despite last year's deluge of top class games I still reckon the off-the-wall narrative adventure's fourth and penultimate act may well be my favourite thing to emerge from 2016. I wrote about why here, and latterly about how its weird and idiosyncratic open road was made

Cardboard Computer remains ever-tight lipped about when we can expect KRZ's elusive fifth and final act, however has spent the past year teasing weird game-related art-inspired videos via its WEVP-TV website. 

From shorts that feature real life incarnations of Kentucky Route Zero's characters, to non-game-related art house documentaries that've clearly inspired the game's development, WEVP has shared ten trailers so far—the latest of which is Phil Morton's quirky General Motors from 1976. Admittedly, most of this is a little over my head but it's nevertheless cool to see the sights and sounds that've inspired KRZ's often odd makeup along the way. 

Hmm, make of that what you will. As for the game itself—Cardboard Computer's Jake Elliot tells us he and his team are hard at work on the next Interlude and the much-anticipated Act 5. "Yeah, [we're] definitely still working on the game," he says. "More soon, this will be a busy summer yet."