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Kentucky Route Zero now available on Steam

The evocative adventure game Kentucky Route Zero has appeared on Steam, thanks to the support of dedicated Greenlight voters. For £17.09 you can pre-order the game's full five acts, receiving the currently released first part right now.

The game is currently 10% off, down from its regular £18.99 price point. Deal hunters should note that buying direct from the developers is actually cheaper, with the asked for $22.50 translating to just under £15. Thanks exchange rate! Both sale prices are due to end on March 1st.

Described as a "magical realist adventure game about a secret highway in the caves beneath Kentucky," KRZ is planned as a five-act episodic story to be released throughout the year. Philippa Warr was quite taking with the first episode, awarding it 84% in our review .

The next episode is due out in April. There's also Cardboard Computer's free Limits & Demonstrations , an interactive art exhibit with links to the game.

Phil Savage
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