Just Cause 3: Bavarium Sea Heist expansion available from tomorrow

Just Cause 3’s latest slice of DLC—the Bavarium Sea Heist expansion—is en route to its Air, Land and Sea expansion pass holders as of tomorrow, and to everyone else next week publisher Square Enix has announced. 

That’ll see you brave the dangerous waters of West Medici, we’re told, by way of a new rocket boat armed with the “devastating” Eden Spark lightning gun—which sounds like the ideal mode of transport for infiltrating an unscrupulous research facility in Just Cause Land. 

Stingray, as the laboratory is otherwise know, houses the Eden Corporation’s “rarest and strongest” weapon yet which you're tasked with shutting down. That typically winds up looking something like this:

As well as Eden Spark, the Bavarium Sea Heist add-on puts Rico Rodriguez behind the wheel of the 'Loochador'—a deadly rocket boat equipped with multi-lock missile launchers and miniguns, as he goes toe-to-toe with the ominous Black Hand Fleet. 

Standalone, the Bavarium Sea Heist DLC is due August 18 and costs £4.99/$5.99/€5.99. If you’d like to pick it up tomorrow, you’ll need to vouch for the Air, Land and Sea expansion pass which costs £19.99/$24.99/€24.99 and nets you this, plus previous add-ons Mech Land Assault and the Sky Fortress Pack.