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JulioNIB's Predator mod for GTA 5 is faithful to the films, even the super gross stuff

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The original Predator film is not only an awesome action movie but is also, well, pretty darn gross. The Predator stalks and kills several sweaty, muscly men and takes them as trophies: peeling off their skin, tearing our their spines and skulls, and dangling them from the trees. It's just how he expresses himself! Now you can do all of the gross Predator things in GTA 5, because JulioNIB's Predator script is available for download (opens in new tab).

We saw some video of the script a few weeks ago when it was still being developed, and noted the inclusion of the cloaking device and the awesome self-destruct nuke the Predator carries around on his wrist (the mod even contains the haunting laugh the Predator sampled from Billy). But the video above shows the more disgusting powers of the Predator, like slicing off heads and skin and attaching flayed corpses to lampposts by their feet. It's all pretty gross. Faithful to the source material, though! 

The download link above will give you instructions on installing the script, and you can support JulioNIB by subscribing to his Patreon (opens in new tab). Credit is also given to modder TheMadBreaker (opens in new tab) for contributing to the Predator script.

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