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Set the Predator loose in GTA 5 with JulioNIB's next mod script

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The Predator, star of one great, one decent, and many not-so-good Predator films—not to mention a ton of video games and comic books—is the latest addition to the already bursting portfolio of GTA scripter JulioNIB. And Preds (as his friends call him) is a perfect fit for Los Santos. The alien hunter traditionally only stalks prey that pose a threat by carrying weapons, and where are you going to find more people packing iron than in Los Santos?

The video above gives you a look at some of the abilities the script will bestow upon you, including Predator's iconic cloaking ability, shoulder-mounted laser cannon, giant forearm-mounted retractable skewers, and a throwable spear. He bleeds green, as you'd expect, and the script even includes Predator's devastating self-destruct device, complete with Billy's uproarious yet chilling laughter from the original film.

The script is currently a work in progress, and there are a few more videos of it on JulioNIB's Patreon page. Subscribers get first licks at his mods, so consider pitching in if you're a fan.

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