Jazz Jackrabbit and Epic Pinball land on GOG

Digital storefront GOG has a knack for bringing old and almost forgotten games to PC—having unearthed three Sierra classics earlier this month. Now, it's worked its magic on 1994's Jazz Jackrabbit, 1998's Jazz Jackrabbit 2, and 1993's Epic Pinball.  

Quick history of my relationship with PC gaming: After spending years playing countless classics on my Atari ST in the early '90s, I took a break from desktops. I jumped ship to Sega's Mega Drive, before graduating to the original PlayStation a few years later. In 1998, my mum bought a PC that came equipped with Windows '98 and a copy of Jazz Jackrabbit 2. I don't think I've thought about it since, but boy does watching the longplay at the foot of this post make me feel nostalgic. 

By bringing both Jazz Jackrabbit games to GOG, the distributor aims to "restore these Epic platformers (also Epic Pinball) to their former glory".   

With a limited-time discount, both the Jazz Jackrabbit Collection and Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Collection are on sale for £6.89/$8.99 individually at the time of writing. Both can be picked up for £13.78/$17.98. 

Epic Pinball, on the other hand, costs £4.09/$5.39. 

GOG also points out "it's a great time to check out deals on more Pinball and Platformer games: Owlboy (-25%), Yooka-Laylee (-50%), Dream Pinball 3D (-90%), Pinball World (-70%), and more", in a statement, should you fancy checking any of those out too.