It's you versus a giant worm in free sci-fi adventure Fleshworms

(Image credit: Tom Sykes)

Fleshworms. It's a great name for a sci-fi game, if a slightly inaccurate one, as you're only facing one wormy monster here. This is the third entry in Malte Burup's Tales From The Outer Zone series, a bunch of connected, short point and clicks set in a slightly pulpy, vaguely Moebius-y science fiction universe.

Where the first game evoked cyberpunk, and the second was largely a horror game, Fleshworms feels more classically sci-fi, reminding me of Dune thanks to its huge, grossly puckering alien worm. It's a little smaller than the previous games, asking you to escape a single room by solving a few challenging, but not annoying puzzles.

But really it's the short, sharp, punchy story that's the star here. Fleshworms has you playing as, well, a bit of a jerk: a man who boasts of murdering 'savages' and stealing a magical artefact. The ending is hugely satisfying, is all I'll say: a worthy reward for all your labours spent opening the exit.

Fleshworms was made for this year's Adventure Game Jam. You can find a load more, similar games over on the jam site.

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Tom Sykes

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