Interstellaria to colonise Steam in July


I still haven't played FTL for some reason, but if you think I'm going to compare this latest sidescrolling space game to it, then you're goddamned right. Interstellaria, then—it looks a bit like FTL! But you're heading in the other direction, and you're controlling an entire fleet, and it's properly side-on, and there are on-foot planetside bits and OK, maybe there are lots of differences. I certainly like the look of this "sim/RPG/sandbox" from Cold Rice Games, so it wouldn't be beyond the bounds of reason for me to shell out £6.99 when it launches on Steam July 17th.

Oh yeah, that's the headliney part: Interstellaria now has a release date. It also has this natty launch trailer referencing Starship Troopers:

(Ta, RPS.)

Tom Sykes

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