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Interstellaria to colonise Steam in July

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I still haven't played FTL for some reason, but if you think I'm going to compare this latest sidescrolling space game to it, then you're goddamned right. Interstellaria (opens in new tab), then—it looks a bit like FTL! But you're heading in the other direction, and you're controlling an entire fleet, and it's properly side-on, and there are on-foot planetside bits and OK, maybe there are lots of differences. I certainly like the look of this "sim/RPG/sandbox" from Cold Rice Games, so it wouldn't be beyond the bounds of reason for me to shell out £6.99 when it launches on Steam (opens in new tab) July 17th.

Oh yeah, that's the headliney part: Interstellaria now has a release date. It also has this natty launch trailer referencing Starship Troopers:

(Ta, RPS (opens in new tab).)

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