Insurgency: Sandstorm release date moved to December

Insurgency: Sandstorm, the tactical team-based FPS previously planned for a September release has been moved back nearly two months. The new date is December 12, though the 10% pre-order discount and beta access will be extended through the new release date.

"This was one of the hardest decisions our team has ever had to make and not one taken lightly," reads a post on New World Interactive's site. "However, we feel it is in the best interest of the game and our community to spend more time working to ensure we deliver the best possible experience."

During the beta the developers received feedback from players, and "we are acutely aware that not all of you are having the ideal experience we want to deliver," the post continues. "By extending the beta and moving our launch date to December, the additional time will allow us to make significant improvements to the game with continued input from you."

Some of those planned improvements include:

  • Upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.20 and continue optimizing
  • Improve the character models, textures, and animations in the game
  • Improve the “scoped” experience for both high and low-quality scope settings
  • Improve the level visuals, gameplay and optimization
  • Add more cosmetic item variations and a new forearm tattoo cosmetic type which can also be seen in first person
  • Expand in-game server options to include a server browser, community-run server support, and a custom games system allowing users to specially configure games hosted by our server infrastructure.
  • Refine the game to the point it has far less bugs, glitches, visual inconsistencies and other issues.

You can find Insurgency: Sandstorm on Steam, where there's also 10% loyalty discount for owners of the original Insurgency that has been extended until the end of March, 2019.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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