Inside and Limbo developer's next game looks as dark as its forerunners

Playdead—the creators of last year's dark and minimalistic platformer Inside, and 2010's similarly bleak monochromatic 2D adventure Limbo—has teased its next game. 

Beyond a solitary tweet and some accompanying artwork there's nothing to go on yet, however the image below portrays what could be a meteor breaking through a planet's atmosphere, or perhaps a plane or spaceship crashing from above. The lone figure looks to be dragging a tattered parachute which has seen better days, and also appears to be wearing a space helmet and jumpsuit. 

Inside was a pleasant surprise among the deluge of great games was received last year, and went on to win the Best Shortform Game category in our Game of the Year 2016 awards.  

As for what Playdead is working on next—your guess is as good as mine. Take from the above image what you will, and please do share your own suggestions in the comments below.