Indie sci-fi ARPG Killsquad heads into early access in July

Chasing loot and murdering space bugs are, of course, the best things to do online with your friends. Killsquad has all of that in a kind of sci-fi Diablo package, and it'll be heading into early access next month.

It's a top down, co-op action RPG where you run missions with your friends as possibly psychotic bounty hunters always on the hunt for bigger and better weapons and gear. It's got a Diablo-style isometric view, but with a colorful sci-fi setting and tons of fast action and dodge-rolling.

Unpleasantly, you're always in the employ of some evil space corporation, which hires 'killsquads' to pillage riches and tech from their rivals. But in the process, you'll be finding better guns and materials to make those guns better yet. It's the loot-shooter reward loop, but with a lovely action-RPG presentation. What's not to like?

Early access will open up for PC via Steam July 16.