In this cozy life sim you can only farm at night because you're a shapeshifting witch vampire

Listen up, witches. We've got another magical farm sim in the forecast. You'll truly be a mage of all trades in Moonlight Peaks because you're not only a farmer but also a witch and also a vampire. And that's not even the full suite of supernaturals living in town. You're putting down roots so you can prove to your disapproving dad Dracula "that a life of compassion is possible."

Moonlight Peaks certainly hits the farm sim checklist: there are crops (cursed, apparently), cooking, fishing, seasonal events, friendships and romance, and decorating. Oh, and you can shapeshift to explore the town. It has an Animal Crossing kind of cuteness to it with tiny 3D characters and plump, colorful crops. 

(Image credit: Little Chicken)

Since you're a vampire, this all takes place after dark, so you'll be well-acquainted with the opposite end of the 24-hour clock from a typical farm sim. You'll also be getting to know the other witches, werewolves, mermaids, and humans in town. There appear to be cursed chickens and pigs (and googly-eye rocks?) though not for eating. Moonlight Peaks says that your diet is mainly "cursed crops" presumably because raising the other thing vampires are known to have a taste for (humans) wouldn't really help you stick it to Count Dadula.

Developer Little Chicken has also shown just a bit of potion brewing, which looks like it may play a part in developing extra special crops. And since automation is important for industrious farm simmers, there's a spell for enchanting your watering can to do its own job. There also appears to be quite a lot of freedom in your ability to decorate the outdoor space of your property. Some farm sims keep your actual crop plots and customizing space limited, so I'm quite happy to see all the player choice in custom paths, fences, tilled area, and decor.

Moonlight Peaks doesn't have a release date or window chosen yet, saying back in June that it's "still in early development," which I'd wager means it's not coming this year. This is one I'll be chucking into my wishlist on Steam to keep up with as it gets closer.

Lauren Morton
Associate Editor

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