Immortals Fenyx Rising trailer shows off its gods and monsters

The game that was once called Gods & Monsters, now titled Immortals Fenyx Rising, showed off some of its gods and monsters in a new trailer at Ubisoft Forward today. Above you can see our hero battling various creatures inspired by Greek mythology, including giants, griffins, and one very angry medusa.

There's a definite Breath of the Wild energy to it, which is fantastic news for those who enjoyed BotW and for those (like me) who never played it because we don't own a Switch or a Wii U.

When you're done with the trailer, you can check out a second video shown at Ubisoft Forward that goes a bit deeper into the world, story, and gameplay of Immortals Fenyx Rising. It launches on PC on the Epic Store and Uplay on December 3.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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