Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to solve Lyre challenges

Immortals Fenyx Rising big Lyre challenges
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Of all myth activities, the Immortals Fenyx Rising Lyre challenges are the only ones that require both normal puzzle-solving and a bit of memorization. They’re also the only puzzle type in the game that you can cheat your way through if you already know which strings to pluck. That’s where I come in. In this in-progress guide, I’ve gathered the solutions to every Lyre challenge in both The Valley of Eternal Spring and Clashing Rocks regions, so you can easily claim their rewards.

For quick combinations to each small lyre that you can pluck on the region’s big lyre in Immortals Fenyx Rising, read on below. Keep reading to find detailed solutions to each mini-puzzle to find each small lyre, too. The lyre combinations are all you need to earn the Coins of Charon, but the smaller puzzles are still worth doing for the chests that come along with them.

All Immortals Fenyx Rising Lyre challenges in Clashing Rocks and The Valley of Eternal Spring

Big Lyres

To make the solutions simple, I’ve numbered each string on the big lyre from left to right, making '4' the far-right string and '1' the far left left. You do not have to complete the small lyre challenges to make these codes work. If you’re only after Charon Coins, just punch these in.

The Valley of Eternal Spring

  • 2413
  • 32314
  • 42142
  • 132421

Clashing Rocks

  • 241
  • 4341
  • 31244

Small Lyres - The Valley of Eternal Spring

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1. Marble statue - 32314

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This lyre, found west of the Hall of Gods near the coast, couldn’t be simpler. After dispatching a light wave of enemies, just bash the large marble block with Fenyx’s axe. The rock will crumble, revealing a beautiful statue. The red barrier will drop and the lyre is all yours.

2. Hidden torches - 42142

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You’ll find this lyre tucked away on one of the western islands off the Valley coast. The lyre is near the center of the island surrounded by three statues with accompanying torches. You’ll need to light those torches to unlock the lyre room. Use the braziers on top of the center building to steer lit arrows into the torches.

3. Boss fight - 2413

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The next lyre is resting below a scary-looking bird just north of the Hall of Gods. Unfortunately, you’ll have to deal with Lieutenant Aello before you can get to it. 

It’s a pretty tough boss fight if you’re just starting out, so make sure you’ve upgraded your health and stamina once or twice before taking them on. Deflect every energy bolt it shoots and focus on axe attacks to whittle down its stamina quickly. Once defeated, the lyre is practically yours, but you’ll have to light the torches on either side of the red barrier. Use the blue flame torch on the back-left of the platform to light your arrows and ignite the others.

4. Sunk switches - 132421

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The last lyre is near the light blue pools in the northernmost area of the Valley. Buried in the crevice that runs along most of the region, land outside the golden walls and defeat the enemies guarding a pressure plate. Once clear, grab the nearby metal box and activate the pressure plate. This will opening and closing the gates in sequence. 

Swim through (or climb over) the wall. The buttons to unlock the lyre room are now unlocked, but you’ll have to find them. The first is in plain sight above water. The other two are submerged, one to the left of the first switch and the other to the right. Once pressed, the gates will hold open and the left area leading to the lyre will be open.

Small Lyres - Clashing Rocks

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1. Freebie - 241

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The first lyre is right outside the observatory and serves as the tutorial for lyre challenges. There’s no puzzle to solve, just a single harpy to slay.

2. Cliffside - 4341

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North of the first lyre, you’ll see a statue along the coast. Go there, and notice that it’s pointing left. Take the stone steps down to the left along the cliff face to find the blocked lyre room embedded in the rock. The first of three buttons is free to press in front of the door. 

The second is blocked behind a grating. Using the bubbles as a guide, dive underwater near the grating and emerge on the inside and press the button. The last button is right of the lyre. Swim around the cliff face for a few seconds to find a back entrance to the button.

3. Three puzzles - 31244

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The final lyre is a big temple with three puzzles surrounding it. Four buttons are needed to open the temple with the lyre, and the first is free to press in front of the door. The others are along the three exterior walls, each its own puzzle. On the left wall, grab one of the rocks on the raised platform and break the loose bricks above the barrier room. That will reveal an arrow switch that will unlock the button when activated.

On the back wall, climb to the central structure, look toward the temple, and look up to find a metal box. Grab it from a distance and activate the pressure plate below. This will unlock the puzzle within that central structure. Head inside, then dive underwater and swim through the gaps in the wall to find the button and press it.

For the right wall, delve into the nearby cave on the rock face. Take the stairs past the red laser grid and drop into the room through a hole. Grab the metal box through the nearby grating and drop it on the pressure plate. This will drop the barrier and unlock the touch inside the tree outside the cave. Send an Apollo arrow through the grating, ignite it on the brazier, and light the tree torch. This unlocks the final button along the temple wall.

With the temple open, the only thing left to do is clear out the enemies within it. The main threat is the spearmen that summons smaller soldiers to guard him. Defeating each small soldier will build the spearman’s stun meter by a third. Defeat all three to break his guard and complete the fight in a single cycle.

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