Watch IGN's Summer of Gaming expo here at 1:30 pm Pacific

IGN is kicking off the summer's packed schedule of gaming livestreams today, June 10, with an IGN Expo stream promising new game reveals and a whole pile of unseen trailers. You can watch the stream in the Youtube embed above or on Twitch, starting at 11:45 pm Pacific.

The first couple hours of the stream are dedicated to a Doom speedrun. The IGN Expo kicks off with trailers and game reveals at 1:30 pm PT.

This is the first and biggest day of IGN's Summer of Gaming series, which has livestreams scheduled throughout the month of June. IGN is also hosting partner streams throughout the month, and it can be hard to keep all these events and their start times straight. So if you're a bit confused about the Summer of Gaming and when you should tune in, here are the highlights: 

  • June 10, 1:30 pm PT: IGN Expo debut
  • June 11, 11:30 am PT: IGN Expo #2
  • June 12, 2:30 pm PT: IGN Expo #3
  • June 13: PC Gaming Show, Guerrilla Collective
  • June 15, 12:30 pm PT: IGN Expo #4
  • June 18: More trailers and gameplay, EA Play Live
  • June 24: Marvel's Avengers, unannounced game and more trailers and gameplay

Phew, that's a lot. You can see more details about some of the games being shown off throughout June on IGN's schedule here.

Check out our full schedule of this summer's gaming livestreams, and what to expect from this Saturday's PC Gaming Show, which includes more than 50 games.

Wes Fenlon
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