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If one Wordle a day isn't enough, try the infinite Wheeldle

Wordle clone Wheeldle
(Image credit: Michael Whelan)
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If you're anything like me, Wordle has crept into your life without you even realising. The browser-based word puzzler has been a nice way for me to warm up my brain in the morning before a long day of writing. I enjoy its one-word-a-day format, but I know friends and family who wish you could do more.

Enter Wheeldle, a Wordle clone that lets you guess as many five-letter words in a single day as you'd like. The name is a pun on creator Michael Whelan's surname, much like how the original is a play on Wordle's Josh Wardle. The game operates identically to its inspiration—guess a five-letter word and you'll receive feedback through little coloured squares as to whether the letter is correct and in the right place, correct but in the wrong place or not in the word at all. 

There's still a streak counter for how many you guess correctly in a row, and also difficulty levels that gradually increase with successful guesses. It's a nice little alternative to those who find themselves itching to conquer more than one word a day. The added difficulty levels are a cool touch, too. 

Wordle's popularity exploded seemingly out of nowhere a few weeks ago. I had tons of tiny green, yellow and black squares pop up on my Twitter timeline as everyone was cryptically sharing their puzzling prowess. Chris Livingston put together a handy set of tips if you decide you want to dive in, and they'll be helpful for the infinite Wheeldle, too.

Mollie Taylor

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