Icarus building guide: How to place a door on your base

Icarus wooden base with a door
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Need a quick guide for Icarus on how to place a door? Though you arrived on the planet in a rocket, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to snap a door into one of the walls of your base. But it's not exactly obvious how to place a door at first, and in Icarus it works a little differently than in some other survival games you may have played.

Doors are important because even if you're inside your base, bad weather can still get in through windows and unprotected doorways. This doesn't just expose you to the elements, it can also damage or destroy deployable objects like crafting benches that have been placed near the open windows and doors. So you definitely want a door, and you want to keep it shut during storms and when you've left the base for some adventure.

Here's how to place a door in Icarus.

Icarus: How to place a door

You'll need to use Icarus blueprint points to unlock walls and doors from the tech tree first, and then you'll be able to craft a wall and door and store them in your inventory. But before you can place a door, you need to have a wall for the door to snap into, and that can't be just a standard wall. It needs to be a wall with a doorway in it.

A wall with a doorway isn't a separate craftable item than a standard wall. Any wall you craft can have a doorway in it, like so:

In your inventory, either right-click your wall and choose deploy, or drag it into your hotbar and choose it with your number keys. When you're ready to place it (it'll show a green, transparent 'ghost' wall if it'll snap to the structure) you'll need to hold the R key. A radial wheel will appear showing you the types of walls you can place. This includes doors with windows, and walls with a door frame.

Select the type of doorway you'd like to build (left, right, or center of your wall) and left-click it with your mouse. Now when you place the wall, that's what you'll get.

With your door crafted, deploy it and aim at the doorway you've just built. It'll show red and say 'Must Snap' until you've aimed at the doorway you built. You may need to aim your cursor at the bottom edge of the empty frame. Then you'll be able to snap the door in place. 

That's it! You've got a door to keep your base cozy and secure.

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