HyperX's Pulsefire FPS gaming mouse is now available to order

HyperX today announced the U.S. availability of its first ever gaming mouse, the Pulsefire FPS that was first shown off at CES earlier this year. If you're looking for a less expensive of Razer's DeathAdder Elite, this doppelganger could be it.

The Pulsefire FPS is priced at $50, which is $30 less than the DeathAdder Elite, our favorite gaming mouse. But while the shape is similar, this rodent's guts are a bit different.

HyperX opted for a Pixart 3310 sensor with a dpi range of 400 to 3200. It is a lower end version of the Pixart 3366 found in the DeathAdder Elite, though the general consensus among gaming professionals is that ultra-high sensitivity ratings don't really help.

The Pulsefire FPS also features six buttons with Omron switches, each of which is rated for 20 million clicks. Two of those buttons are on the left side of the mouse with a textured grip underneath.

This is a lightweight mouse at just 95 grams. It is built for fast movement, which is further aided by large mouse skates underneath.

HyperX says the overall design was based on input from top professional gamers.

"HyperX is a great partner for over five years now and we are very happy to now game with the new Pulsefire FPS gaming mouse," said Ioann 'Edward' Sukhariev, NAVI CSGO team member. "The Pulsefire FPS gaming mouse meets our performance needs and has a comfortable design for hours of practice and tournament gaming."

If you're interested in the Pulsefire FPS, you can grab one direct from Kingston.

Paul Lilly

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