This HyperX Cloud gaming headset is finally worth it with this Prime Day deal

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HyperX makes some of our favorite gaming headsets this and the Cloud MIX is no exception. Right now, the Amazon Prime Day deal for the HyperX Cloud MIX makes this premium headset an affordable $130.

The Cloud MIX was last on sale six months ago at this price and sold out pretty quickly, so we can expect the same sort of action this time around for Prime Day. If it is sold out, don't fret, there are plenty of other gaming headsets on sale right now waiting to find a new home on your head. 

Of course, in order to partake of this deal, you have to be to an Amazon Prime member (you can sign up for a free trial) and discount should apply when you check out. 


HyperX Cloud MIX Headset | $200 $129.99 at Amazon
The Cloud MIX is a dual-purpose gaming headset that acts as a solid wired headset for gaming and also a Bluetooth headset with decent battery life for the gamer on the go.

The Cloud MIX in its natural state is a great sounding wired gaming headset with dual-chamber drivers and a lightweight aluminum frame. Its other form acts as a Bluetooth headset for your mobile devices. This means once you're done gaming you can unplug the dual 3.5mm and detachable microphone, pair it with your phone and you're free as a bird (or as free as 20 hours of battery life will get you.) It's not a bad deal especially if you're looking to limit the number of headphones you use through the day and tired of having a headset for gaming, a headset for commute, etc.—I know you people exist because I'm one of them. 

Our biggest gripe with the headset was that the $200 price point is still way too high. At $130, this interesting one-size fits all wired/Bluetooth gaming headset becomes easier to recommend.

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