Kojima teases VR recreation of the old Kojima Productions hallway (Updated)

Kojima looking out of a window with a headset on, for science.
(Image credit: Hideo Kojima)

Correction: We originally reported that Kojima was teasing a new VR game, but it turns out that's not the case. This article has been updated to correct our misunderstanding.

Hideo Kojima is busy: There's Death Stranding 2, another unknown game, the odd book, his new podcast, and now a VR experience that he's showing off at Tokyo Game Show this weekend.

Based on a tweet about an in-progress VR something, we initially reported that Kojima was teasing a new VR game. As it turns out, that's not precisely the case: A few days ago, Kojima said that Kojima Productions will not be exhibiting any games at TGS. The VR project is actually "a VR experience" which recreates the famous entrance hallway to Kojima Productions HQ, which the company preserved digitally after moving offices.

So that was a false alarm, but we do know about two other games likely in progress by Kojima Productions. Death Stranding's lead actor Norman Reedus simply blurted out that a sequel existed in May, responding to a question about the game with "We just started the second one." Kojima responded to this by telling Reedus to "go to his private room," an in-joke about his character in the game.

Then there was the recent announcement of a partnership with Xbox, where Kojima talked a lot about cloud technology. 

"Yes, there is a game I've always wanted to make," Kojima said during June's Xbox and Bethesda Showcase. "It's a completely new game, one that no-one has ever experienced or seen. I've waited very long for the day when I could finally start to create it."

Aside from directing games and VR experiences, Kojima's been busy doing a podcast about how great he is with Spotify. It's called Brain Structure and, as with all of Kojima's work, the title and image could be self-aggrandising irony, or dead serious. Judge for yourself here.

TGS 2022 runs from this Thursday, September 15 through Sunday the 18th.

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