HP’s drool-worthy workstations are insanely powerful and upgradeable

You are probably not considering a workstation for your next gaming PC (nor should you), but if you're curious what some game developers will be using to create next-generation experiences, feast your eyes on HP's new line of workhorses.

HP unveiled three new models today—the Z8, Z6, and Z4. These are HP's most powerful models to date, which is usually the case when introducing a new generation of machines, but what's impressive is how much performance users can cram into one of these things. They're also incredibly upgradeable.

Sitting at the top of the performance stack is a the Z8. This thing allows buyers to pair up to two Intel Xeon processors for up to 56 cores, with up to 3TB of RAM spread out across 24 DIMM slots. Professionals can also opt for dual M.2 solid state drives and dual Nvidia Quadro Pro graphics cards. All this (and more) is powered by up to a 1,700W power supply.

These are nice looking setups configured in a tool-less chassis to make upgrading and servicing quick and easy. They also feature a built-in handle in case work requires relocating one of these beasts.

As for connectivity, users get dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, 10 USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C ports, and Thunderbolt 3 (optional). On the inside, there are seven full-length, full-height PCI Express slots (nine expansion slots total).

HP says the Z8 will be available in October with prices starting at $2,439, though for buyers looking to deck this thing out, the price tag can easily balloon to around $40,000.

A little less insane is the Z6. It dials back the top-end hardware configuration with support for 384GB of system memory instead of 3TB. It also features fewer expansion slots, though buyers can still run with dual Xeon processors and two M.2 SSDs.

Pricing on the Z6 will start at $1,919 when it becomes available next month.

Finally, the Z4 is the next-generation of HP's best selling workstation, and like the other two models, it's been redesigned from top to bottom. This one can be configured with up to 256GB of RAM via eight DIMM slots, paired with up to a 10-core Xeon W2155 processor and up to a Quadro P5000 graphics card.

Users interested in the Z4 will have to wait until November, with prices starting at $1,239.

Paul Lilly

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