How to watch the Future Games Show at Gamescom 2021

Future Games Show
(Image credit: Future)

Our pals at GamesRadar are hosting the Future Games Show today, and they've enlisted the help of Lady D herself, Maggie Robertson, accompanied by fellow Resident Evil Village star Aaron LaPlante, otherwise known as The Duke.

The show kicks off today, Thursday 26, at 1 pm PDT/4 pm EDT/9 pm BST, and you can direct your eyes towards it on Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or on GamesRadar itself.

Set aside 75 minutes to catch the whole thing, which will feature world premieres, gameplay clips and interviews from more than 40 games from the likes of Modus, Pearl Abyss, Frontier Developments, Team17, Koch Media and Tripwire Interactive. 

If seeing all these games makes the wait for their launch all the more agonising, don't worry! The Future Games Show has put together a virtual show floor where you can play some demos and get your fix. Head on over and check them out after the end of the show.

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