How to mine titanium in Dyson Sphere Program

dyson sphere program titanium ore
(Image credit: Youthcat Studio)

Looking for titanium in Dyson Sphere Program? Titanium is one of the most crucial resources in Youthcat Studio’s factory management game, required for taking your planetary construction into the solar system and beyond. It’s technically one of the rarest resources in the game, although in practical terms it’s still fairly common. It forms in veins that can be mined like most other core resources, like iron, copper, coal and so on.

The crucial difference between titanium and most other resources is that Dyson Sphere Program titanium ore does not appear on your starting planet. During the early game, the only titanium you encounter will be a few scraps you’ll collect while mining larger rocks by hand—nowhere near sufficient to support the kind of construction for which you need this important material. So for all your titanium needs, I'm here to help.

Dyson Sphere Program titanium: how to find it

Since there's no titanium on your starter planet, you need to search for it off-world. Doing this requires you to equip your mecha-suit with a crucial upgrade: Drive Engine 2. Upgrading your Drive Engine to level two unlocks the mecha-sail, letting you travel between planets (but not between stars, for that you’ll need Drive Engine 3). Researching the mecha-sail requires 200 blue matrices and 200 red matrices, meaning you must also be able to produce the following items:

For blue matrices

  • Magnetic Coils: combine magnets with copper plate in an assembler.
  • Circuit Boards: combine copper plate and iron plate in an assembler.

For red matrices

Once you’ve unlocked Drive Engine 2, pressing and holding the Space will, fittingly, let you fly into space and journey to other planets in the system. Alongside Drive Engine 2, it’s also a good idea to upgrade Universe Exploration to level two. That unlocks the Starmap, letting you view the planets in your current system, as well as the total resources available on them. This will help identify which worlds have titanium before travelling to them, saving you a wasted journey.

(Image credit: Youthcat Studio)

How to mine titanium in Dyson Sphere Program

Once you’ve located and navigated to a planet with titanium veins, you can mine it in exactly the same way as you would any other ground resource. Bring mining drills, transport belts, smelters etc. with you to establish a basic mining operation. 

And that's how you get titanium in Dyson Sphere Program, but there’s one last thing you should know. Obviously, you’ll want to return the titanium to your primary factory for further manufacturing. Unfortunately, you can’t do this at any meaningful scale until you’ve built the Interstellar Logistics Station (not the Planetary Logistics station, which only enables bulk transport around the same planet). 

Building the Dyson Sphere Program Interstellar Logistics Station requires the production of yellow matrices, which in turn require titanium as part of their production. This means you’ll initially need to transport some titanium back to your home planet in your inventory. The necessary research for Interstellar Logistics Stations doesn’t require a vast number of yellow matrices, however, so you should soon be able to transport titanium (and many other resources) across the star system and beyond.