Hunt down outlaws for big rewards with this Genshin Impact bounties guide

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How do you do bounties in Genshin Impact? Whether you're farming for reputation points or jumping into Genshin Impact for the first time, bounties are a sure-fire way to build up your reputation in each city. 

This Genshin Impact bounties and requests guide focuses on what bounties are, how to find them, and the rewards for completing them. If you want to know more about how to improve your standing in Teyvat, check out my Genshin Impact reputation guide. For more on bounties, let's get started.

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What are Genshin Impact bounties?

Each week, you'll be given three bounties in each city. These bounties are special search-and-defeat quests that will reward you with ora and reputation points. The bounties are refreshed on Mondays and bring a new set of a three-star, four-star and five-star monsters to defeat.

How do bounties in Genshin Impact work?

To begin accepting bounty quests you must first:

  • Reach Adventurer Rank 25
  • Complete Archon Quest ‘Prologue, Act I: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind; Knight of the Realm’ for Mondstadt
  • Complete Archon Quest ‘Chapter One, Act II: Farewell, the Archaic Lord; Ministry Missions’ for Liyue

To accept a bounty mission, go to the reputation board in either Mondstadt or Liyue. Mondstadt's reputation board is located near the side entrance closest to the Angel's Whisper tavern, or right behind where you spawn on the waypoint closest to the adventurer's guild. Liyue's reputation board is located within the warehouse area of Liyue Harbor.

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You may only select one bounty at a time and this bounty quest will not be listed in your quests page. Instead, it will appears as a yellow circle on your world map. Be sure to go in prepared with food and buffs, as you'll only be given ten minutes to find and defeat the target. Whichever city you accept the bounty in, the reputation points will only apply to that city.

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To track down your bounty, you'll need to use your elemental sight ability. Like with Seelie, use the ability to find light blue streams or traces of the bounty. These streams will lead you to clues, such as a flower or mushroom, and you'll need to collect three clues in order to trigger your bounty hunt battle.

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After finding the clues, use elemental sight again to locate the enemy, and take them down within the time limit. Each target will have a vulnerability and an invulnerability listed on its bounty posting, so remember to take advantage of the game's elemental reaction mechanics to bring them down efficiently.


Three-star bounties will net you 60 reputation points, four-star bounties will earn 80 reputation points, and five-star bounties will net 100 reputation points.

If you're into power-leveling and getting rewards as quickly as possible, you'll want to stick to the five-star bounty hunts only, as these will be the quickest way to increase your reputation level in each city. Since there are currently only two cities available at the time of publication, this means each week you'll have two five-star bounties, then select one four-star bounty for a total of 280 reputation points each week.